7 Signs You Need an Under-the-Sink Water Filtration System

Wondering if you need an under-the-counter water filtration system? There are several signs that this type of setup may be right for you. Here is what to look for.

1. You Don't Like Bottled Water

Some people who want filtered water turn to bottled water. However, it is significantly more expensive than tap water, the bottles generally end up in a landfill and there is no guarantee that the water has even been filtered. If you don't like the sound of that, you may just want to filter your own water.

2. You Don't Like the Quality of Water in Your Area

All municipal water supplies have to meet the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. You can get information from your state's water department on how your area measures up. However, some people disagree with the guidelines, and if you are one of them, you may want the extra protection provided by your own filter.

3. You Don't Have Room for a Jug in the Fridge

An under-the-counter filter is not the only option. People who like cold water in particular may filter their water with a jug featuring a built-in filter. However, that takes up a lot of unnecessary space in your fridge. If you don't have the room, you may want to go with an under-the-counter filter instead.

4. You Don't Have Room for a Storage Tank

There are a few different models of under-the-counter filtration systems. With a reverse osmosis system, you generally need to have a storage tank under the sink. That can also take up lots of space, and in those cases, you may want to have an under-the-sink filtration unit like a Puretec Water Filter.

5. You Have Old Pipes

Metal from old pipes can flake off into your water supply and add unwanted toxins. In these cases, you may also want to consider a filter, but make sure that the filter you choose is able to address the metal that is concerning you. For example, not all filters remove lead or copper.

6. You Have a Well and Are Worried About Your Water

If you have a well and you are worried that fertilisers from your lawn or gardens may get into the well, a filter may also help. You may want to check the qualify of your water before and after putting in the filter so that you know whether or not it's helping.

7. You Don't Like the Taste of Your Water

You don't just have to rely on filtration to deal with toxins or impurities. In some cases, you may want to use a filter because it improves the taste of your water. If you don't drink enough water because you don't enjoy how it tastes or smells, you may want to try a filter.