Considerations of Using Solar Water Pumps for Landscaping

When you decide to upgrade your landscape and take on a DIY landscaping project, one of the aspects may be to add a water landscape of some kind. This may be in the form of a man made pond, waterfall, or several small waterfall statuary and baths. With that in mind, you may find it interesting to know that you will be given the option of what kind of water pumps you use. You can even have all the devices connected to one main water pump if you would like. Regardless, of your design choices you will be given the option of using a solar water pump and there are some things to consider with that option.

Full Sun Coverage

One of the things you need to keep in mind about using solar water pumps is the need for full sun coverage most of the day in order to work properly. There is a misconception that solar water pumps work the same as a regular solar panel for a home. A traditional solar panel for a home can store solar energy for later use or for days when the sun is not in full coverage or full view. This means that they can operate fully even on days that are storming or overcast.

This is not the same with solar water pumps. These solar devices work more like the solar panels you find on smaller landscaping lights, meaning that the dimmer the sun coverage the dimmer the strength of the light. This is something to keep in mind when considering location of the solar water pump as well as your normal year round weather conditions.

Power Output

The power output of your solar water pump is vital in choosing the size you will need and how you want the water to pump through the system. For example, if you plan on having a larger man made pond as part of your landscaping, for use as a water garden or koi fish holding pond, then you will need a pump that can handle larger amounts of water on a consistent bases. You will also need one that can handle certain debris getting in the way of the pump without clogging the pump or causing the pump motor to overheat. Though this is an issue with traditional powered water pumps, it can be increasingly vital with solar since you will need a larger solar panel with a higher rate of solar energy conversion.

Habitat Considerations

One of the aspects of using a solar water pump that is generally overlooked is the consideration of the habitat that the water will be providing. For example, if you are providing a water habitat for animals such as koi fish you will have a different water pump need than one for plants or simply for a waterfall option. You should consider the water pump and filtration system alongside of the habitat since some solar options may be more suitable for plants than for an animal based environment due to their power output capabilities.

By keeping these solar water pump considerations in mind for your landscaping project, you will be able to better determine if a solar option is for you and how to move forward. If you are ready to move forward, consider a consultation with a water pump dealer for pricing and size options.