Five Types Of Australian Businesses That Need Asbestos Inspections

Asbestos is a dangerous material that has been linked to lung disease, cancer and other fatal illnesses. It can be found in many building materials from the past, including floor tiles, insulation, wallpaper and even clothing.

If you own a business or operate in an older building, you may have asbestos in your building. You will need an asbestos inspection to determine if you have any asbestos present and how much it costs to remove it.

Here are five types of Australian businesses that need asbestos inspections:

1. Schools And Universities 

Many schools have asbestos pipes and asbestos-containing buildings. Asbestos is very dangerous when disturbed or damaged, so schools need regular maintenance checks to make sure the building is safe for students. Older university buildings are likely to contain asbestos, which can be found in the wiring and insulation. Asbestos inspections are required before major renovations or demolition.

2. Hospitals

Hospitals are another place where you'll find asbestos. Many hospitals use boilers that burn coal, which releases fine particles of asbestos over time. Hospitals also have pipes that contain asbestos insulation. These may crack over time, so hospitals should get regular asbestos inspections for signs of damage or deterioration. Asbestos was commonly used in hospitals because it's fireproof and resistant to heat. This made it ideal for boilers that provide steam for sterilisers and other equipment. Hospitals also use asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) like pipe insulation and floor tiles.

3. Industrial Sites

Industrial sites often have large machinery with heavy-duty machinery that uses asbestos brakes and gaskets. Asbestos may also be used in construction materials like cement sheets, roofing tiles, and pipes. If these areas are not properly maintained or managed, they could become a health hazard for workers and the public at large. 

4. Hotels And Motels

Hotels often contain asbestos-containing materials in the form of construction materials and furnishing, such as cabinetry and ductwork. Asbestos may also be used in fireproofing materials, such as sprayed-on insulation and fire doors. If these materials are damaged or removed, they could become airborne and inhaled. 

5. Commercial Offices

Commercial office buildings often contain old equipment such as computers and photocopiers which contain asbestos components such as wiring insulation and thermal insulation boards. Additionally, many commercial offices use heating systems that use asbestos-containing materials such as heaters or hot water systems which can leak over time creating toxic dust particles that can cause long-term health problems for office workers.

Asbestos removal from the types of sites listed above requires an expert team. Chat with an expert about asbestos inspections and removal from your commercial property today.