5 Line-Marking Stencils All Apartment Building Owners Should Have

If you own an apartment building, you likely have to maintain a parking lot, and it's generally less expensive to do as much of the work as possible on your own. In addition to raking leaves and repairing asphalt cracks, you may even want to paint your own lines on the parking lot. Stencils can help. Here are five types of line-marking stencils you may want to invest in.

1. Straight Lines

To keep order in most parking lots, you need to add lines. Painting a straight line can be harder than it seems. To make that job easier, you may want to invest in a few stencils that are just simple lines.

You can get lines in a variety of sizes. Alternatively, you can buy machines designed for drawing lines. You push them along like a lawn mower, and they paint the lines as you go.

2. Numbers

If you have assigned parking, you may want to invest in a few numbers. Ideally, you need ten digits, which allows you to paint all the numbers you need from one to infinity. This is an effective and easy way to assign spots to each of your tenants, and it makes it easy to track which spots belong to each unit.

If applicable, you may want to add letters to the designations so that they match the unit numbers on each apartment, and that can also work. However, that requires buying a few extra line stencils.

3. Visitor

Of course, you may want a few extra spots for people who are not tenants. A line marking stencil that says "visitor" is the perfect option. If you have the stencil, you don't ever have to worry about the text getting old or faded. You can just repaint as needed.

4. Reserved

A stencil that says "reserved" is ideal for situations where the spots aren't for tenants, but they aren't for visitors either. You can use a "reserved" stencil to mark the spots that you or your employees use. That can include office workers, maintenance people, and others. If you like, you can also get extra stencils that spell out exactly whom the spot is being reserved for.

5. Handicapped

Finally, if required, you may want to put in a few handicapped parking spots. To that end, you may want a stencil that says "handicapped" or stencils of symbols that represent handicapped-only parking spots.