Car Wraps: Partial vs Full Wraps

The use of car wrapping as a way of letting potential clientele know about the products or services that a particular company has to offer is gaining popularity across Australia. This kind of marketing involves installing removable sheets of branded vinyl on the exteriors of a car with the primary aim to increase awareness about a company's brand. The side of the vinyl sheets that is to come into contact with the body of the vehicle has adhesives so it can stick to the vehicle's exterior. 

If you're looking to market your business using vehicle signage like car wraps, it is important to find out what the different styles of car wrapping available are. Car wraps can generally be grouped into two kinds: partial wraps and full wraps. Here's what you need to know about these two main types of vehicle wraps.

Partial car wraps

With partial car wraps, only part of the vehicle's exterior is covered with vinyl sheets, meaning some of the original auto body paint finish will still remain exposed. This option is desirable when a business does want to retain some exterior features of their fleet or when they do not have the budget for a full vehicle wrap.  

Although partial car wraps don't cover the whole vehicle, expert installers can fit the wraps to give the appearance of a full wrap. For example, they can make the wraps blend in nicely with the vehicle body's paint colour, thus achieving the same effect as whole-vehicle wraps. As partial wraps require less material, they generally cost less than full wraps.

Full car wraps

With full car wraps, the entire vehicle is covered with the vinyl material, thus concealing the initial appearance of the vehicle's exterior completely. Of course, vehicle owners will have to spend more on the face-lift because more material is used compared to partial wraps. 

The good thing about whole-car wraps is that they allow businesses to make the most out of the available advertising space. If their design and placement is well thought out, full wraps can maximise a business's ability to reach its target audience.

Both partial and full wraps are good marketing options. However, the best option depends on the specific needs of your business and the goals you may want to achieve. If you need help determining which route to take, feel free to consult a professional vehicle wrap installer in your area.