3 Reasons to Choose a Solar Generator for Emergencies

There are several times during a year when power may be out at your home or business. This may be due to construction issues, power outages, or weather conditions. These type of issues may lead you to consider a generator hire for these emergencies. Before you go for the standard fuel driven generator, here are three reasons to choose a solar generator and how those reasons can benefit you during the power outage.

Reduced Operating Costs

You may know that a solar generator does not use fuel, what you may not know is how this will ultimately affect your budget for the generator. When you use a generator hire for a traditional generator, you will need to pay out of pocket for the fuel that is required. This can be incredibly expensive depending on the type of fuel the generator uses. It can also increase in price depending on conditions that would make fuel difficult to come by, such as a hurricane or similar natural disaster. If you need to operate the generator 24 hours a day, you could be going through fuel quickly as well. This can make the total cost of the generator and generator hire reach well beyond your budget. A solar generator will allow you to avoid those extra expenses and use only solar power to operate the generator and keep your power needs supported.

Stored Energy

There is a misconception that a solar generator will only work in full sun conditions. The truth is, some solar generators do have power cells that can store the energy gathered for a specific amount of time ranging from a few hours to a few days. This type of generator takes off the stress of worrying about how you will have power if it is an overcast or rainy day. As long as you have had the generator gathering and storing energy before the overcast moments, you can have energy stored for later.

Silent Operation

When you use a traditional generator, you will notice how loud they can be. In fact, some neighborhoods prohibit the use of generators at specific times due to the increased noise pollution they can cause. This noise pollution can disrupt neighbors and cause further stress and issues for you and them. A solar generator operates silently. There is no noise pollution to be concerned with and no issues with running the generator in noise controlled areas.

By keeping these key points in mind, you can make a more informed option regarding a solar generator from a generator hire. If you think a solar generator may be ideal for your needs, let the sales representative know, and they can help you with the hire contract and pricing.