Three Things To Consider When Choosing A Diamond Engagement Ring

Deciding to propose to a loved one is really exciting, symbolising the start of your lives together. However, before you propose, you will need to pick out a ring that they'll love. By taking into account the three considerations below, you will be able to choose a diamond engagement ring that's perfect for your special person.

Think About Stone Size

You might think that choosing a diamond size is easy — bigger is better, right? However, this is not necessarily true. Who What Wear explains that the average diamond size on an engagement ring is around 0.9 carats, with anything above two carats considered large and anything over three being a true statement piece. However, think carefully about what your loved one will actually like. If they love jewellery and has a distinct style, they might like a larger stone. However, if they work with their hands, a smaller stone might be more practical. In other circumstances, it might be worth choosing a slightly smaller stone if it has other qualities that make it more appealing, such as colour or clarity.

Choose A Diamond Colour

Diamonds come in a range of colours and clarities, with the least colourful usually being the most expensive. However, you can purchase yellow, pink, red, blue, green, and even black or white diamonds, all of which have different symbolic meanings. For example, red diamonds can be a symbol of passion and eternity. However, if your loved one does not know much about stone meanings, you should choose a colour they'll want to wear. If they are quite traditional with a classic sense of style, a colourless or yellow diamond would be ideal, while blue or red is great for someone who wants to stand out. Think about whether they'd want to diverge from the classic yellow, and what colours they typically wear.

Pick A Setting Carefully

There are two other decisions you need to make about the ring: how many diamonds you want and what metal the band should be made of. For the former questions, you should simply look at rings with different stone settings and think about what they'd like to wear. With regards to the band, you might want to look at other jewellery they own, and a preference might become clear. If they work with their hands, platinum is strong and less likely to scratch, while gold is a classic romantic choice.

If you think carefully about the stone size, band, setting and stone colour that your loved one would like, you will be able to sift through the available rings and choose one that expresses both their personality and your love perfectly.