Two Tips for New Business Owners Who Plan to Use a Web Design Service

If you need a website for your new business and have decided to use a web design service, you might find this advice quite helpful.

Create a list of websites that have the aesthetic or functionality features you want

Before your first meeting with the web designer, you should spend some time online, searching for sites that have the aesthetic and functionality features that you want your own website to have. Then, you should present the list of these websites (or perhaps print out some pages from them) so that you and the designer can discuss them together at your meeting. Whilst the designer will not copy these websites', providing them with this list will give them a much better idea of what your expectations are and could be more useful than giving them a verbal or written explanation of what you're looking for.

Doing this will ensure that the first draft of the website that they create for you does not require drastic changes but instead will only need a few tweaks made to it to make it look and function the way that you want it to. This matters, because if the designer has to make major changes to the site after they've already spent several weeks creating the first draft, you might have to wait longer for your finished website to be ready for use. If your new business is going to be based online and you cannot launch it without a website, then it's particularly important to avoid causing this type of avoidable delay.

Set aside time to work with the designer after the finished website has been launched

Your professional relationship with the website designer should not end immediately after they have built and launched your website. Instead, you should run your business via the site for a few weeks and then meet up with the designer again, to evaluate the site.

At this point, you will have had plenty of time to test out the site's features, and your customers will have had the opportunity to buy items or book your services through the site (and will have perhaps given you some feedback about these experiences). This will mean that you will have a much clearer idea of what changes, if any, you would like to make to the website.

Booking this post-launch meeting at the start of the project will mean that you won't need to put up with any small niggles with the site for ages after it's up and running, just because your website designer has moved onto another project. Instead, they should be able to make the small adjustments you want then and there, or very shortly after this final meeting.

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