How To Plan A Home Renovation

Are you planning a home renovation? It could be that you want to put your house on the market or improve its appeal. The article below discusses the various considerations to make when planning a home renovation.  

Determine Profitable Renovations

Consult a real estate agent and inquire what renovations are most profitable. Remember that your home is an investment. You would, therefore, want improvements that make your house attractive to potential buyers. Some return on investment projects to consider include the following:

  1. Most buyers will critically evaluate the kitchen. It should be spacious with adequate storage space. Incorporate high-quality floor and surface finishes.
  2. Landscape improvements. For instance, you could install a swimming pool, deck or patio. You should also have a healthy lawn and shrubs.
  3. The living area should be spacious with an adequate supply of light and air. Use a variety of complementing textures and patterns on your seats and curtains. Include accessories such as paintings and sculptures.
  4. Your home should be energy efficient. For instance, you could use tinted windows and awnings to reduce the amount of heat entering the house.
  5. Install high-quality appliances in the bathrooms and toilets. Use pendants and chandeliers to improve lighting in these areas. 


How much will the renovations cost? Consult a home builder and ask for a quote. Most buyers presume that they will acquire materials at a cheaper rate than home builders. However, builders may charge cheaper rates since they purchase the materials at a wholesale price. Besides, they know the best qualities. You will, therefore, need to conduct a cost-benefit analysis to determine which option is best.


If you have inadequate funds, you may opt to conduct the renovations in phases. For example, you may opt to start with the landscape, move to the kitchen and finish with the bathroom. Preferably, structural repairs such as bringing down walls or installing new flooring should come first. If, for example, you repaint your house, then remove the floors, you will have a hectic time cleaning the repainted walls since they will get dusty as you remove the tiles.

Find a Contractor

Find a reputable contractor to conduct the renovations. He or she must be comfortable with your renovation timetable. The contractor should also have a flexible pricing strategy. For instance, he or she should explain how much it will cost to renovate the various areas. He or she should have a general and employers liability cover. Read through the terms of the contract and ensure they are reasonable. 

When planning a home renovation, determine profitable improvements, find a good contractor, create a budget and create a timetable. For more help with home renovation planning, speak to a professional.